An Introduction to Types of Renewable Energy


It’s widely accepted that we cannot create usable energy from non-renewable sources indefinitely.

The Many Powers Of Solar Panels

The average homeowner has worked hard and sacrificed plenty to purchase their own home. Don’t they deserve to have a home that they can take pride in? They think so, which is why homeowners spend the time and effort to choose just the right refrigerator, ceiling fans, air conditioner, speaker system, flood lights, etc. for their homes.

Save precious water with a slimline rain water tank connected to your home


Installing a water tank on your Brisbane or Sydney property makes sense. These cities and many other areas of Australia are prone to experiencing drought conditions, making water a truly precious resource. There is an increasing awareness in these and other cities to conserve water. For some, the conservation goal stems from a desire to save money on the increasing cost of water. For others, the desire to save water is based on environment concerns.

The Truth About Global Warming

Watch this video: The Truth About Global Warming – Science & Distortion – Stephen Schneider

Why a New Temperature Map Colour is Needed in Australia

new temperature colour in Australia

In another piece of evidence to strengthen the argument for global warming, the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia is forecasting that the temperature will hit or even exceed 52C. The temperature is set to get so high that the Bureau is having to add a brand new colour to indicate the high end of its temperature scale, so now instead of the colour red indicating the hottest colour, it has introduced a bright purple.

The previous high temperature record in Australia was set over 50 years ago back in 1960. In addition the highest temperature across the nation was set this month, averaging just over 40C and replacing a record set 40 years ago. The climate services manager for the Australian weather bureau Mr Coutts-Smith stated that records were being broken all across the nation. Wildfires have also been reported roaring in Tasmania and New South Wales.



Ecological tourism or ecotourism is a new trend, different kind of alternative tourism to traditional tourism. It is an approach to tourism activities in which the focus is on sustainability, preservation, appreciation of the environment (both natural and cultural) that welcomes and keeps the tourist aware of what is around him. Although there are different interpretations, usually ecotourism tourism is promoted as “ethical”, which is also presumed to be paramount the welfare of local populations, and that presumption is reflected in the structure and operation of companies/groups/cooperatives that engage in providing such service.

Due to its booming ecotourism and became the fastest-growing and most dynamic sector of the global tourism market. This movement appeared in the late 1980s, and has already managed to attract enough international interest to the extent that the UN dedicated 2002 to eco-tourism. See all the beauty that Australia has to offer for less with great deals on Gold Coast accommodation!

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) defines ecotourism as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improve the welfare of local people”.

Green Energy Solutions – Biofuel Alternative


Sustainability means having the least amount of impact on the environment. It’s a balancing act between living well and causing the least amount of environmental degradation, in other words, quality versus quantity.

One natural resource that is finite and non-renewable is natural gas. Yet, we have become extremely dependent on natural gas for water heating purposes. In fact, over half of all single family homes in the United States, are heated with natural gas.

Air quality is the result of the moeasure of the condition of the air in relativity to the requirement of one or more biotic species, human need or purpose. These air quality indicaters are then used by governement agencies to specifiy the quality of the air at any given location. As this number increases, a ever increasing percentage of the population is likely to experience adverse health effect. For that reason it is important to have in place ambient air quality measurement in place to deal with this ever increasing problem.

Statistics prove and natural gas companies don’t dispute, the finite nature of this resource. However, many argue there are several decades of supply available, which is probably true. The problem is we will need to destroy many more acres of wilderness to continue to fulfill our supply needs. It’s clear we need clean and sustainable alternative fuel sources to continue our existence.

Energy Efficient House


Its winter again and many people at this time have one thing on their minds, their energy bill. There are however steps homeowners can make to have a more energy efficient house during the winter months. The most cost effective and immediate step to make your home more energy efficient would be to invest in energy efficient light bulbs, which use less electricity, but do cost a bit more than regular light bulbs.

Draught proofing all windows and doors in your home will definitely help keep warm air from escaping and prevent cold air from consistently seeping inside your house. If you have a new build home then you may want to install a condensing boiler, they are roughly 12 percent more efficient than the modern conventional boilers most people are using today.

Cat scratch post


Why a cat scratching post?
Cats have a natural urge to scratch. Cats scratch to sharp and clean their claws and to mark their territory. From the perspective of the cat is therefore necessary to allow the cat to scratch somewhere. But you would not want that to be your couch, table and chairs. To prevent the cat to learn this bad behavior, it is important to give a cat scratching post in the home.

Species of cat scratching posts
The most common cat scratching post consists of a wooden pole covered with rough material and has a broad base, which does not fall over the scratching post. Most cats have a preference for lining the cat tree with sisal or corrugated cardboard. There are cat scratching posts in all shapes and sizes. There are scratching posts that consist only of a pole. Cats have different levels crab poles horizontal platforms. These cat scratching posts are ideal for cats to climb and enjoy the sun. There are also cat scratching posts with a kind of house where the cats can retreat to when they feel like it. There are also special kitten scratching posts. These scratching posts are designed for young cats. The size of the kitten scratching posts are specially designed for kittens.

How do I make my cat only scratches the scratching post?
To ensure that the cat only scratches the cat scratching post, it is important that you train her. Make sure you have a reward, where the cat wants to work. This can be food, but a special toy that is not always on the floor can also work well. You can scratch the scratching post, by facilitating a scent on the pole to lubricate. Reward your cat when he scratches the cat scratching post. Brains react very strongly to rewards. Good behavior will repeat soon, when the cat gets rewards for desired behavior.

Where can I buy a cat scratching post?
There are a cat scratching posts at most pet stores. Also you can find it online, there are a lot of sites with pet accessories. There are also people who make their own scratching post construction. If you do this, you should be aware of the dangers. The scratching post should be sturdy and should handle the weight of the cat easily, without falling.

Energy from water


Energy you can get out of different things. Most energy is currently still get from fossil fuel source. But this is still responsible. The world has become much concerned with the environment, yet there’s not enough invested in “clean” energy. We wondered whether it is time for change. We are going to ask the main research question: Can energy from water be a cheaper way?

Four-fifths of the world is covered with water. The water in our oceans and rivers is constantly changing. Waves, currents, tides and waterfalls as they are used properly deliver a tremendous amount of kinetic energy. Hydro-electricity projects are thus far proved the most successful way to make water (also called hydroelectric power) useful. The water from rivers or reservoirs is used to turn turbines in operation, which in turn drive generators to produce electricity.